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A Trillion Dollars Will Take Us to the Sun, an article by The Anonymous Cabbie 

The money that we have spent on the so-called “war” in Iraq is unbelievable.  I remember reading an article on MSNBC.com that proclaimed that the cost of the war is close to and will likely exceed one trillion dollars before the end of this year.  One trillion dollars! The article goes on to say that the war is costing tax payers around 200 million dollars a day, every day.   I remember reading an estimate before the war started that suggested that merely mobilizing our troops and equipment would cost over 25 billion dollars!  I’m sure we exceeded that mark.  Plainly, one would have to be not only blind but ignorant not to see the futility that this whole endeavor has turned out to be.

Just how much is a trillion dollars, anyway?  To me it’s an astronomical figure.  I watched a show on the Discovery Science Channel one day that estimated that an average human heart beats two billion times in a lifetime.  Clearly, I thought, a human could not count to a trillion in a life time.  Not even close.  So I wondered how high a stack of one trillion dollars using one dollar bills would be. According to figures I’ve obtained on the ever-reliable internet a one dollar bill is .oo43 inches thick. Calculated out, one trillion dollars stacked in one dollar bills would be 4,300,000,000 inches high. This figure further breaks down to roughly 358,333,333 and one-third feet.  In miles it’s a little over 67,866.  This would easily put the stack into outer space. The distance to the moon is 238,857 miles.  This means that we could climb a stack of bills equivalent to the cost of the war in Iraq and make it over one quarter of the distance to the moon.

Not impressed?  How about if we look at it from another perspective?  If we were to connect one trillion one dollar bills, end to end, they would stretch for six trillion inches, or 500,000,000,000 feet, or 94,696,969.69696969696969696969697 miles.  Over 94 million miles!  Yes indeed, if were to some how figure out how to strengthen the fibers in a one dollar bill, we could construct a rope made of these bills that we could stretch to and from the moon 396 times! Imagine a string of money circling the Earth more than 3802 times.  This rope would be long enough to reach the Sun (roughly 92,960,127 miles away) with a couple of million miles to spare.  As previously mused, it is an astronomical figure.  Who needs NASA?  We need only to print up a bunch of money and climb to any star system that we want to go to. We’ve been giving the stuff away like it was candy, anyway.  If we keep mindlessly printing the stuff up it won’t be worth the paper that it’s printed on.   

That’s how much money we’ve spent on this ridiculous war.  What if we were to figure in the monies that we’ve bailed out all of these non-deserving corporations and stimulus monies that somehow will never directly (except for a few measly hundred dollars) reach our hands?  This amount would be close to another two trillion dollars.  Don’t even get me started! 

Signed The Anonymous Cabbie 

Disclaimer:  Articles by the Anonymous Cabbie are periodically by emailed to us.  The Anonymous Cabbie is in no way affiliated with Buddy's Taxi, Buddy's Transport Services and Spokane Airport Express Shuttle.  All statements and opinions by the Anonymous Cabbie are strictly for entertainment purposes.   

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